Xbcd 1.07 + Touchware Gaming = Not Compatible?

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Jul 25 05 4:35 AM

Immersion Touchware Gaming (ITG) software does work with the Xbox pad. I'll be making a post on how to get it up and running with an xbox pad real soon now.

Oh, and I'm running 1.07 as well, not a problem. I have a profile for ITG that works with the xbox pad. I'll post that up as soon as I've done some more testing


Ok, here's how you get your pad up and going with Immersion Touchware Gaming.

1. Go and grab ITG software from here. Note that this is a 30 day trial. If you like the software, buy it. Requests for warez/cracks for this software will result in the slapping of the requester with a large, wet trout. You have been warned

2. Obviously, install the software choosing either a custom or typical install. Either install mode wil do. I chose typical.

3. Once the install has finished, plug in your USB Xbox pad and run ITG software. Asjservs7 rightly notes you will be told that the pad isn't supported and that it may be possible to get the pad to work by creating a custom profile.

4. Choose your soundcard and the audio source of your preference. I have onboard sound (AC97) and I left the default audio source line at mono mix. You can use stereo mix if you like. I find that mono mix produces a slightly stronger rumble than stereo mix, however I suggest you try both and select which ever suits you.

user posted image

5. The idea here is to configure the sliders one by one. The help file included with the program explains more. The sliders on the left relate to bass, and the sliders on the right relate to treble. The idea is to mute all of the channels one at a time and adjust the slider until you feel the slightest of rumble from that channel. If you set all the sliders to high then your pad will most likely continually rumble across the desk as the software is picking up the slightest of signals from the soundcard.

The above shot shows the software in action, rumbing along to some music from winamp. It's er, quite an experience. Ladies, don't get near this thing on full vibration

6. If you are having trouble with the software or can't quite get the profile right, I have a custom one created during my testing tomfoolery. By default you should place the USER PROFILES folder into C:\Program Files\Immersion Corporation\TouchWare Gaming 'Tis available from here

ITG should work with every game that well, has sound I guess. I had no trouble running this program with XBCD 1.07 and ControlMK installed. I also had Logitech Gaming Software installed and I didn't run into any hitches. Worked fine in GTA SA and BF1942. ITG should place a little icon in your system tray and it looks like this:

user posted image

Oh, and you can always start ITG in config mode. To do this clisk on the TWG Configuration Mode entry in your programs menu or run:
"C:\Program Files\Immersion Corporation\TouchWare Gaming\TWGaming.exe" -config

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Jul 27 05 9:45 AM

hmmm, you could try updating to the latest realtek AC97 drivers if you have not already done so. This page has what you're after.

I am using onboard AC97, which is a chip soldered directly onto the motherboard. AC97 (Audio Codec 97 - specification was created in 1997) isn't available as a seperate PCI add-on card as far as I'm aware. It is available as a seperate module on some new DFI motherboards, but that's not really relevant.

You could try ctrl alt del > task manager and killing the Immersion Touchware Gaming app under 'Applications' (if present) and TWGaming.exe in 'Processes' (once again, if present) and attempt to start the program again. I use Windows XP Pro and I don't have any troubles. AC97 driver version is

You will need to reboot after each install/uninstall of TWG, otherwise you may get licensing error messages pop up.

I take it this is the error message that you are getting?

user posted image

I get this when I try and start TWG when it's already running in the system tray. You could try checking C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and see if TWG made an entry there. Highly unlikely but just check anyway. Perhaps TWG is starting when Windows does. You can also try running msconfig from start > run and check under startup and see if TWG has an entry there. Once again, highly unlikley.

The fact that you don't have a tray icon is a little sus. The fact that the program is already running is also curious. To me that sounds (ah ha) like that ITG simply dosen't like your 'box.

You could have a look at your DirectX specs. Go Start > run and type in dxdiag and run all the directsound tests under 'Sounds' and 'Music'. Also what version of DirectX do you have. Latest is 9.0c and is part of XPSP2.

What operating system are you using? What AC97 driver version are you using?

Check and see if your TWG install completed correctly. By default you should have installed to C:\Program Files\Immersion Corporation\TouchWare Gaming and your install folder should look like this:

user posted image

If you unplug your pad, ITG should auto-close itself. You can then replug in your controller and attempt to restart the program. Try that and see what happens.

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Aug 1 05 1:16 AM

That long beep should only go for a few seconds, it's a calibration/test sound and the pad should rumble shortly to it.

I can only hazard a guess at TWG not supporting MCE, as I can't seem to find any reference to MCE on Immersion's website.

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Sep 15 10 1:20 AM

Hello. Sorry to bump this I too cannot get the Immersion Touchware Gaming (ITG) software to work in Win7. It starts off like it wants to launch, and then I wait a couple minutes while it attempts to generate some sort of Key. But then I get an error that says it could not generate a key because of some network problem. Does this have anything to do with the fact that it is a trial version?

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