Nov 7 10 12:39 PM

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So I used to use the original Xbox controller (with XBCD, of course), and having recently switched to the Sony DualShock 3 (due to having a PS3 and whatnot), I can't help but notice that the only driver available for it is vastly inferior to XBCD! Now, I can't imagine that creating a driver on par with XBCD would be terribly difficult given the know-how involved in creating a HID driver, and the source code from said PS3 controller driver (I swear I read on the Microsoft Developer website that you can effectively reverse engineer drivers). Seriously, all I want is pressure sensitive buttons, axis' for the triggers (maybe switchable between button presses and axis' if possible), and for the second joystick to not just be two separate axis'. Is that so much to ask?

~ Scott (definitely willing to be a guinea pig for said driver)
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