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Well, to start, I'm pretty new to the whole PC custom gamepad driver thing. I decided I wanted to used a controller to play Silent Hill 2 on PC, so I set everything up. It all worked fine, except I didn't have enough buttons for the config I wanted. The 360 controller triggers wouldn't register as buttons. I found XBCD and got it all installed, but now I'm having some problems...

1), If I try to click the "XBCD Setup Utility" shortcut, nothing opens and I get a windows error sound.

2), I can't get the analog sticks to work right. In x360ce, I was able to map the triggers correctly and all, but the analog stick won't work on it's default settings. It's a wired Xbox 360 controller, too.

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There's how it's set up. The crosshairs on the right isn't centered (I'm not sure if it's even supposed to be...) and moves around following the analog stick. The left, however, only goes to the right and back with no movement in between. I've been messing with it for hours, and have had absolutely no luck. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks in advanced.
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Nov 6 10 1:33 PM

surprising how many problems you get when you just skim over the Installation notes.


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