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Hi Guys!!!

I had a terrible problem in my attempt to create the USB cable to connect the normal xbox controller (the one that came with the console) to the pc, I made all the wiring as all the guides arround the web say, red with red, black with black, etc. leave the yellow one alone, I insulated all of them with the wiring tape. Then I connected the controller to the pc with the driver already installed and a message appeared by the system try that said the system didn't recognized the connected device, I ran the "USB view" program and a yellow exclamation sign appeared; I clicked it and there was no data found , so I disconnected the controller and connected a non original xbox controller and the same thing happened . I tried again wiht the original one and the must unexpected thing happened, as soon as I connected it to the pc with the cable (the one made) it started vibrating, non-stop vibratiing.... at the beggining I laughed , but I almost started crying when I connected it to my xbox console it started vibrating too, but no other buttons responded, it only vibrates, as a massage toy....

Is there a chance I can fix it? where can I ask for help about this? What did I miss making the USB cable?

by the way, the non original controller still works, the sticks were messed up long before, but the rest of it is working ok.

thanks in advance!!!

here is a pic of my cable, I took off the insulation, so u can see the solder.

user posted image

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Nov 4 10 11:26 PM

not all controls use the same colours.


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