Jun 25 10 10:19 PM

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Hello everybody,
im trying to write a GuitarHeroWorlTour-PC-guitar driver.
Anyways the microsoft HId driver works fine, but misses the internal tilt sensor.
I 'USB-analyzed' the device the half day and found out the registers which are missing in the Hid Driver from MS.

Now my question is: is there a way to adapt the XBCD-driver source to a standard gamecontroller easily ?

Its just one endpoints buffer I want to "map" to some buttons and axes.
The buffer is clear to me. But how can i adapt it to your source ?

I would be glad if i got any references or sample projects.

I never wrote/changed a driver, but i think with some efford it can be done
My C is ok. (im doing more embedded stuff and im not used to kernel or hid things)

For getting more ideas I place a link of some infos i grabbed out of my usb-tracing.
USB Data

Thanks in advance Max