Feb 24 08 7:02 AM

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This isn't so much a question as a solution for others that may hit this problem. This has taken me a few weeks to figure out, but it's now all working!!

PC is running Vista 32 bit (registered)
Controller is a MS XBOX 360 controller with a USB adapter (both stock)
Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) (Running on windower, but shouldn't matter)

Initially, FFXI wouldn't even sniff at the controller, so I made the mistake of going to the microsoft site and downloading the XBOX 360 controller drivers and blithely installing them - that was the beginning of the problem!!

FFXI then recognised the controller, but refused to acknowledge the triggers as buttons. For theose not familiar with the game, a lot of commands are macroed using the Ctrl and Alt keys, so the triggers are used to pull down these menus.

I tried everything to get rid of the MS XBOX 360 drivers, there is NO uninstall for them!! Here's what finally worked:
* Download and install XBCD 1.7
* Download and install XBCD360 0.2.5, overwriting the files in drivers and inf
* Download and install USBView from the Redcl0ud site
* Identify the controller ID using USBview - mine was GID_045E&PID_028E
* Edit the inf file to add this controller
* Open device manager and find the MS XBOX controller
* Right click and update driver, changing it to the XBCD driver instead
* Run XBCD setup as Admin, switch to windows tab and select:
.. o Z - Off
.. o Rx - On
.. o Ry - On
.. o Rz - Off
.. o Slider - Off
.. o Buttons - 12
* Save the config and exit after applying
* Open FFXI Config, select "Gamepad settings". Settings are:
.. o Select - Button 1
.. o Cancel - Button 2
.. o Active - Button 4
.. o Main - Button 3
.. o Autorun - Button 5
.. o Ctrl - Button 11
.. o Alt - Button 12
.. o Heal - Button 9
.. o Change - Button 10
.. o Check the boxes:
.... - Enable Gamepad
.... - Enable Slider
.... - Enable hat switches
.... - Enable force feedback
* Set up the Movement controls
* Set up the Camera controls
* Test the gamepad, then click the OKs to get out, saving each time you are prompted

Enjoy the game !!! I hope that helps someone else

For those that don't play FFXI, it really is a special case - it was designed originally for PS2, then upgraded to PC and then for XBOX, all the while retaining the backward compatibility for PS2, complete with the memory restrictions, etc. Most PC users with a decent NVidia video card have to roll back 24 generations of drivers just to run it properly For this reason, I felt that this deserved a special post just for this game alone!
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Feb 25 08 1:13 PM

for the love of god, use 0.2.6, theres no need to use 1.07+xbcd360 anymore.


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VBA-M, NGOHQ, Post Impact Productions, XBCD 0.2.7
CPU:Intel i7 920 @ 3.8(D0), Mainboard:Asus Rampage II Gene, Memory:12GB Corsair Vengeance 1600
Video:EVGA Geforce GTX 275, Sound:Creative SBXFI Titanium Fatal1ty Pro, Monitor:BenQ G2400WD
HDD:500GB Spinpoint F3, 1TB Caviar Black, 1TB Spinpoint F3, 500GB Caviar Blue
Case:NZXT Guardian 921RB, PSU:Corsair 620HX, OS:Windows 7 SP1

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Mar 24 08 8:07 PM

QUOTE (squall_leonhart69r @ February 25, 2008 01:13 pm)
for the love of god, use 0.2.6, theres no need to use 1.07+xbcd360 anymore.

But 0.2.6. gives me the "Cannot find the files specified" when I try use the driver.

Any suggestions? Or should I try this hack way?

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Apr 8 08 2:30 AM

You CAN use 0.2.6.

After you install, MANUALLY update the controller drivers by using the file contained in C:\Program Files\XBCD\Driver.

You get the 'file cannot find specified file' error because vista has issues with the installer. However, everything is there.

As for uninstalling official drivers, just go to device manager, right click and choose "uninstall device", and just make sure that 'delete driver' is checked.

Windows will reinstall the official drivers every time you plug in, but if you force the device to use the xbcd drivers, there will be no problems.


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