Nov 21 05 10:10 AM

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Hi all! *waves*

I'd just like to point out that I am NOT the coder of any XBCD software, nor do I take credit for any work associated with any XBCD software. This includes COntrolMK, XBCD and XBCDRC.

I'm just here to do the odd bit of problem solving, the odd guide or two and a tad of moderation here and there.

Any requests for software updates, querys or general siftware questions about source code, updates and whatnot should be passed along to Redcl0ud.

While I do so enjoy receiving thanks for the good work I do, I really don't do that much at all with the software side of things.

That's not to say that I can't help you, or that I won't.

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Nov 21 05 10:18 AM

While on the topic of the mod team, I could use a hand here and there. I can't always be around so:

Think you'd like to become a moderator here?

Fine, but I'd like to see how you have contributed to the XBCD community in general before I consider passing your name on. Your activity within the community will also be taken into account.

PM me with why you think you'd make a good mod, and how you have contributed to the community. Please note that I might not be speedy in my replies.

I'm initially looking for around 3 or 4 others at the moment to help steer the community in the right direction.

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