Oct 27 05 7:30 PM

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I'm happy, but slightly dissapointed with the xbox controller.

The folowing analysis is based on the raw values displayed by XBCD on my Xbox controler S.
For reference the part number is X06-69873, and the serial number is 709571472A

Rather than the nominal 65536 values, the analog sticks only retun values with a resolution
of around +\- 0x01BA near the center, and around +/- 0x00a0 near the edge.
This means that the number of values is significantly smaller. This is appearently intentional, as posts here have strongly implied that other manufacturers have much more 'sensitive' controllers.

It seems that the triggers and buttons are similar, having a resolution of around +/- 0x03.

Anyway. This controler, which was purchased used needs some pretty large 'dead zones'
of around 25 for the left and 20 for the right. This is not because of jitter, but
rather of 'slop'. The zones in which there is no spring pushing the stick back are fairly large.
On the left stick the no spring zone is slightly of center!

The rumble for the left side is much stronger. It seems to have either more mass attached, and/or
the mass is further from the center of the motor.