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Nov 3 05 8:16 PM

QUOTE (reddogboy @ Oct 8 2005, 12:18 AM)
(Its a joytech xbox wireless. I know it works on the x box.) and I know that a regular x bow (wired) controler wired and set up with the xbcd driver 107 works great. I even compared the wiring between the wired controller and the wireless both seem to wire the same way. I think it might have something to do with the yellow wire. On the standard controller it seems to have no use, I thought it might be a power wire for the radio signal but wiring/splicing it with the other wires had no effect. Its really frustrating. Any help would be great.

"The yellow cable itself outputs a 3.3V CMOS compatible signal, which is a 15.734kHz pulse train, which is synchronised with the HSync signal of the xbox composite video output. This enables it to be used for light pens or guns."

So based on that description I would tend to doubt it has anything to do with that.

The reciver may not be getting enough power from the usb port. If you are plugging it into a usb hub try plugging it into the pc directly. IF that is not the case you have probably messed up the wireing somehow. Here is the important question:

When you plug in the reciver does windows make the sound it normally maes when you plug in a usb device. If it does then you just need to add a device id to the driver and you will be set. Otherwise you definately have a wiring problem.

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